Appachiwadi Karnataka, India


Brain Chamber Polysack is a leading manufacturer, suppliers and exporters of anti hail net, anti insect net, anti bird net base in appachiwadi, Karnataka, India. We are engage in manufacturing anti hail nets, anti bird nets and anti insect by virgin HDPE materials with standard industrial parameters. Our offer anti hail net are use to prevent the crop or frits from heavy rain fall and hail. It prevents the damaging of ripen fruits or crops. Our offer anti insect net and anti bird net protect your crops from small insects and birds allowing plenty quantity of sunlight and air to require crop. By taking precaution of upcoming climatic condition you can have healthy and abundant quantity of fruits or crop at the time of harvesting.

Anti hail net offered a protective shield for your current year harvesting crop and prevents against damaging. It protects from froze which get crystallize on anti hail net rather than on plant. It can place with simple supportive structure on small areas of cultivation which protects from hail damage. It is design to cover tunnels, green house, orchards and vineyards.

The nets of high density polyethylene stabilized against the UV rays of sunlight. We guarantee our fabric will not even run after the violent hailstorms. The precaution must than damage, our protective anti hail net offers safeguarding both for current year crop and further cultivated crops. It is easy to handle and spread overall cultivated area.